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Music is an amazing thing.
It can take us to different places, dimensions, and times.
Music can lift our spirits and get us moving –
even when we don’t feel like it.
Let’s take a trip around the world through some music
suggested by Iron Warriors around the globe.

Meet Galuh Agasta

Galuh lives in Ottawa, Canada after growing up in Jakarta where she was part of the Thalassemia Craft Club.


A recent honors graduate of Algonquin College where she was awarded an academic achievement scholarship, Galuh works full time as a caregiver/personal support worker/nurse aide providing care both in private homes and retirement centers.


Galuh’s career choice was inspired by her late grandfather who encouraged her to share her interests and time with elders in need of support and friendship. Galuh is excited about her work and shares with the community that; “This work is both physically and mentally challenging, but I love it! My employers tell me I’m doing well that they appreciate how much I’ve contributed. They always joke around on how they wish they can clone me 5x and send more of me out there, LOL”.


This August, Galuh will celebrate her marriage to Brandon following a proposal in a hot air balloon. Even with this romantic beginning, Galuh’s feet are planted firmly on the ground with a future filled with possibility.


Galuh believes that: “One must always use one’s heart to do good things for others. I believe that if you do good things for others, good things come to you. That is what makes me the person I am today.”


Fast Facts


  • Born in Indonesia

  • Moved with her family to Ottawa, Canada in 2015

  • An expert baker and ran a cupcake and cake-decorating business in her hometown

  • Is learning to love the cold and snow in Canada

  • Has the goal of having a positive impact on people; especially others with Thalassaemia

  • Will marry her husband Brandon in August 2018

Her personal motto is
Never give up, never stop learning and never stop taking chances.”


Zahira Says

Focus on what you really enjoy: the family and friends you care for and the activities you love doing. Your condition is simply something you need to take care of so that you can get on with other things in life. While it may sometimes feel like you are isolated by your challenges, you are not alone. Connect with others who understand your challenges and can help you.


Need a pick-me-up? Here are some wise words from a wise man: “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I CAN do.” – Edward Everett Hale

Meditation & Yoga

Taking a little time out to practice yoga or meditation can be a wonderful way to start or end your day. Just close your eyes, breathe in, out... nice and slow. It takes practice, but you'll see how it can benefit you in all sorts of ways.

Iron Warrior Quotes

  • "My father reminds me every day about living in the moment. One of the most important things he reminds me of is that nothing is gained by comparing your life with others."
    Jasvinder Singh

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