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Build Your Own Robot

Adapted from ‘Individuality Bot’ by admin@makezilla  
Individuality Bot

Credit: admin@makezilla


You can make this robot look as creative and interesting as you want. Here is what you need to get started. We encourage you to deviate from the pictured design to incorporate personal elements. Feel free to share pictures of your creation with others in the Iron Warriors community by emailing them to _____.  

Steps 1 and 2 will tell you what you need for this project, and Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 will tell you what to do. Have fun!

Step 1: Building Materials
Jar of discarded items

Credit: admin@makezilla

discarded items from the jar

Credit: admin@makezilla

image of screws, bolts, springs

Credit: admin@makezilla


You don’t have to buy a thing.  Our robot was made from 100% recycled material — all its parts once belonged to something else.You can get your materials by taking apart old appliances, toys, electronics, and other discarded items.

Step 2: Needed Tools

You’ll need the following:  a hot glue gun, super glue, a utility knife, and paper towels. Use the glue gun for putting larger pieces together and for filling in gaps when parts don’t fit perfectly. We recommend that you use super glue for attaching smaller pieces, since that will look much tidier than the hot glue.Use the knife to remove any excess glue after it has hardened, as well as to cut your materials to size to fit your needs. The paper towels are simply for wiping off any extra glue and keeping your work area clean.

Step 3: Make the Body

Start by laying out all the pieces you’ve collected, and think about how you want your robot to be shaped. In the bot pictured here, we glued together several plates to make a roughly rectangular body, attached a bike reflector for the chest, and added attached a few small items to look like actuators.  Just keep adding things until you think your robot looks good. And remember, your robot can be any shape and size you decide. 

Step 4: Make Arms and Legs

For the legs, we used toilet paper tubes. The feet are made from hard-drive motors because these are heavy and help the robot stand upright. We wrapped a length of wire around one leg and a few rubber bands around the other to resemble socks.   This is a good example of how you can show your individuality through the robot. Maybe you too have the weird idea that wearing different socks is lucky? Also, we ride bikes a lot: hence, the two toy bike wheels on the side of one leg. You can include personal elements of this nature too.   The arms are made out of parts from an alarm clock/stereo thing which we used because the pieces looked like arms. We added a shoulder made from large washers to one arm, and a green laser thing made out of a pen cap and gear to the other arm.

Step 5: Make the Head
image of electrical circuit

Credit: admin@makezilla

image of the head of robot

Credit: admin@makezilla


The head of this robot demonstrates the more “robotic” side of this project. One of its eyes is a yellow LED, and the nose is a potentiometer which can be turned to adjust the brightness of the LED. The LED, potentiometer, and a 47 ohm (just in case) resistor are connected in series. Red and black wires lead to a battery which we decided to have outside the head so that we can access it.  

The rest of the face is made of various small parts, including the eyebrows which are glued to springs so they can bobble around.

Step 6: Final Touches

Add more stuff to give your robot more personality and fun attributes. We think this is a cool project to do if you have some junk lying around, and this might be fun to do with kids.   That’s really it. Keep it as a decoration, or give it to a friend and tell them how much you love them.