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Awaken the Artist Within

Let Your Art Shine for Thalassemia!
Enter our 16th Annual Iron Warriors Art Contest in 2019!

We hope you will participate in this annual event! The goal of this contest is to raise awareness about thalassemia, to encourage the community to keep taking their chelation medication as directed, and to give the thalassemia community around the world the opportunity to share their artistic expression and inspire others.
For more details and to enter, click to download an application form below.

Check out the Artists in Our Exciting New Iron Warriors Calendar for 2019!

We hope that you are looking forward to an exciting new year. We know you will need to keep track of everything to do with school and friends and your care.   Download our new 12-month 2019 calendar and start penciling your plans for adventures and accomplishments.


Desktop Wallpapers & Activity Book

Customize your computer desktop with some Iron Warriors artwork. And download our activity book packed with games, articles, comics and a whole lot more.

Butterfly Wallpaper

A HD resolution wallpaper of graphic butterflies over a night sky for your laptop or desktop computer.

Butterfly Hearts Wallpaper

Butterflies & Hearts for your desktop

Activity Book

A whole book of things to keep you occupied. From stories to coloring pages, comics and more! 5mb to download.

Mobile Wallpapers

Pick your favorite Iron Warrior and keep them close at hand on your mobile device as a reminder to always stay positive and keep going !

Lukas Mobile Wallpaper

Have Lukas on your mobile device as motivation to stay strong always!

Zahira Mobile Wallpaper

Take Zahira with you everywhere you go as a reminder to stay strong and never give up!

Ji'An Mobile Wallpaper

Now you can take Ji'An with you everywhere you go.

Liquid Girl Mobile Wallpaper

Let Liquid Girl work her power on your phone!